Following Around a TV Crew – What I Found Interesting

Fly Fishing TV Show

  • My next door neighbor Kristi Lawley is a 2 time Emmy award winning producer in a top 5 TV market, she asked me if I wanted to head up into the mountains to tag along with there TV crew for a new show about fly fishing. Any excuse I can get to head up to the mountains with my camera works for me.
  • Interesting to watch how fast the TV crew could wire someone up for an interview and how fast the host can do an interview right on the spot without any notes
  • Interesting to watch camera crew work together, syncing time code and working on who was going to cover which angle.
  • They use very different gear, the cameras they used are the JVC GY-HM750U  JVC GY HM 700 & 750 which is a 1/3″ size sensor, these camera are very different to DSLR’s they appear to be setup for fast workflows and designed especially for TV work.
  • I was amazed how close they shot interviews and how they were not even afraid of recording audio right next to a very loud river.
  • It was interesting to see which angles they picked to shoot from, I looked around myself, I didn’t want to get into their shots but they got some angles I won’t have considered.
  • Every time I watch someone else shoot I always seem to pick up one or two things I can try myself. Even if it’s what they carry in their waist bags.

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