Change is good!

Shorter website name to reflect changes in my gear

After I got rid of my Canon camera bodies and picked up two mirrorless cameras last year (Sony a7s and Panasonic Gh4) I thought it was time to change my website address to reflect that change. My new site is

Will my content change?

No, my content will stay the same. I’m always “learning” about “video”, that will never stop because I’ve got too much to learn and try. I really do enjoy learning.

Are dslr’s bad now?

No. You can still get amazing video from dslr’s, for my style of shooting I enjoy mirrorless cameras over dslr’s because I can look through the elecronic viewfinder and see my image which is something you can’t do when a mirror is in the way.

Does the new site look any different?

Besides the new logo that I’m working on, not really. I am making small changes all the time. One of the pages I spend the most time updating is my gear page, I have edited that page over 500 times in the the past 5 years.

What happens to my old site?

It will redirect automatically to the new site if I did it correctly (fingers crossed).

Starting on a new Sony a7s course

I will be starting in on my latest Sony a7s course soon, so please stay subscribed if you would like a code for when that is released. I’m not sure on the timing, perhaps a couple of months. I just purchased an Atomos Shogun which will be used in the course. This is truly a fantastic camera, I am excited to start working on it.

Nab show

If you are going to the Nab show this month and you see me please stop me and say hello! If the bandwidth is good, I will try to do some live streaming on MeerKat App, if you follow me on Twitter you will see when I go live.

Email change

If you would like to contact me, my new email is Please “white list” or make me a trusted sender, that way my emails will not possibly hit your trash folder first. I read all the emails I get, but sorry I can’t answer them all.

New Bumper

Thanks to Michelangelo Girardi for making the new bumber for me!


  • Dave, it’s a big leap to make a branding change. I love it! It’s simple, direct. Who knows what video cameras will look like in the future. So the name change is a good move. I look forward to visiting the LV site for years to come.

  • Whatever the name, still looks great to me, Dave. I’ll keep checking in. Maybe Canon will try to win you back with the new XC10?

  • Hi Dave,
    In fact, the shorter the better in domain name. Yet it is a great choice as it doesn’t specific only to DSLR any more, but website is now focusing on anything related to learning videos. Congrats! and keep coming great videos!


  • Hi, great step! It’s not so easy to change your brand but this feels like a natural step into the future where video camera brands and specific techniques hopefully will be less important. Thanks for the best site out there for us who do not have big unlimited hardware budgets!

  • Congrats Dave. I started shooting video about the same time as you did and follow your website since the beginning. I’m not exactly a rookie anymore
    but I really enjoy your work and I even learned a stuff in your “beginner” GH4 course. Great material.

  • Hi Dave, congrats on your new name change! I just happen to start following you by accident when I was looking up info on shooting time-lapse with both my T1 and T2i. Just wondering with the new name change and the price drop of the C100 and C300, are you considering getting one of those cameras?

  • I’m a little sad, but I’ll get over it. I’m definitely going to miss the, “hi this is dave dugdale….” I started watching your stuff in highschool when I was very intimidated by the idea of shooting on a dslr. It’s been great to watch your stuff over the years. Keep doing what you’re doing.


  • Hello Dave,

    While surfing about DSLR Videos on Google, I have found Great content and your new animated logo [LV] looks great. Well this is my first time on


  • Have been watching your videos for some time, excellent work David, I enjoy your non corporate approach. Keep up the good work 🙂