Sony Vegas Black and Green Preview Window Crashes with Canon Mov Files

Why does Sony Vegas import function work in 32 bit when it is a 64 bit program? And why does Adobe Premiere not have the same issue?


Update: Watch my Sony Vegas 10 Pro Review on the fix.

Sony you are frustrating me right now! Please watch this video below and fix this, or tell me what I am doing wrong. I have been pulling my hair out on projects that have over 30 MOV clips in them.

Yes, I should transcode the Canon T2i 500D MOV clips them using Streamclip but I am too darn lazy and don’t have the time to do this on every project (it is very time consuming). I have a very powerful machine which Adobe Premiere has no problem handling 30 clips at one time.

Why is the FileIOSurrogate.exe *32 a 32 bit function, should it not be a 64 bit function? I thought I paid for a 64 bit program that can take advantage of all 12gig of my RAM.

I know I am not alone on this one, I can’t tell you how many people have emailed me with this question of why Sony Vega’s preview window goes black or the preview clips turn green.

Yes, I am ranting and it feels good! 🙂

I did fill out a support ticket at Sony right after I made this video [Sony Question Ref. #’100901-000080′.] I will let you guys know what their response is. It has been a week since I asked the question and they have not responded, perhaps I have them baffled. Update, see Sony response here.

Other Things I have Tried to Get Rid of this Issue

  • Remove and reinstall Quicktime
  • Disable Resample on all clips
  • Lower the quality of the preview window
  • Purge unused media to help free up resources
  • Match Project Properties to your source media
  • Disable all start programs from running
  • Play around with the Split Screen button above the preview window
  • In the Trimmer window, unselect the “Show Video Monitor” button
  • Preferences Video Tab: Take your RAM preview to 0 megabytes.
  • If you get green clips coming in, select all clips and bring them in to a new project file because the old one is corrupt.
  • Make a new folder on your other hard drive and under preferences place all the temp files on there.
  • Zoom out
  • Press F5 to rebuild peaks, peaks have to be built before importing them on timeline
  • Virtual memory to c: on not d: since d has the video files
  • stay with 8bit editing and not 32bit. While 32bit editing can offer a tiny bit better visual quality when using plugins or transitions, it is extremely slow to edit as such.
  • Set the preview quality (in the preview window) to “preview (auto)”.
  • Another possible answer: disable data execution prevention (DEP) on the offending surrogate process. Start/Computer/System Properties/Advanced system settings/Advanced/Performance/Data Execution Prevention/Turn on DEP for all programs except those I select/Add/ browse for: File I/O surrogate. Sorry if your Windows build is different than my Vista 64bit Ultimate but it happens.