Why does Sony Vegas import function work in 32 bit when it is a 64 bit program? And why does Adobe Premiere not have the same issue?

Update: Watch my Sony Vegas 10 Pro Review on the fix.

Sony you are frustrating me right now! Please watch this video below and fix this, or tell me what I am doing wrong. I have been pulling my hair out on projects that have over 30 MOV clips in them.

Yes, I should transcode the Canon T2i 500D MOV clips them using Streamclip but I am too darn lazy and don’t have the time to do this on every project (it is very time consuming). I have a very powerful machine which Adobe Premiere has no problem handling 30 clips at one time.

Why is the FileIOSurrogate.exe *32 a 32 bit function, should it not be a 64 bit function? I thought I paid for a 64 bit program that can take advantage of all 12gig of my RAM.

I know I am not alone on this one, I can’t tell you how many people have emailed me with this question of why Sony Vega’s preview window goes black or the preview clips turn green.

Yes, I am ranting and it feels good! 🙂

I did fill out a support ticket at Sony right after I made this video [Sony Question Ref. #’100901-000080′.] I will let you guys know what their response is. It has been a week since I asked the question and they have not responded, perhaps I have them baffled. Update, see Sony response here.

Other Things I have Tried to Get Rid of this Issue

  • Remove and reinstall Quicktime
  • Disable Resample on all clips
  • Lower the quality of the preview window
  • Purge unused media to help free up resources
  • Match Project Properties to your source media
  • Disable all start programs from running
  • Play around with the Split Screen button above the preview window
  • In the Trimmer window, unselect the “Show Video Monitor” button
  • Preferences Video Tab: Take your RAM preview to 0 megabytes.
  • If you get green clips coming in, select all clips and bring them in to a new project file because the old one is corrupt.
  • Make a new folder on your other hard drive and under preferences place all the temp files on there.
  • Zoom out
  • Press F5 to rebuild peaks, peaks have to be built before importing them on timeline
  • Virtual memory to c: on not d: since d has the video files
  • stay with 8bit editing and not 32bit. While 32bit editing can offer a tiny bit better visual quality when using plugins or transitions, it is extremely slow to edit as such.
  • Set the preview quality (in the preview window) to “preview (auto)”.
  • Another possible answer: disable data execution prevention (DEP) on the offending surrogate process. Start/Computer/System Properties/Advanced system settings/Advanced/Performance/Data Execution Prevention/Turn on DEP for all programs except those I select/Add/ browse for: File I/O surrogate. Sorry if your Windows build is different than my Vista 64bit Ultimate but it happens.


  • Dave

    Please forgive me: why not bite the bullet and go over to Apple and all Mac graphic hardware and FCP? I mean Hollywood does and did.

    Is it a mental/statement/attitude, kind of thing as it is with many video people?

    Disliking Steve Jobs and all that Apple represents?

    I know many people who don’t care if they are never able to produce any video simply just as long as they do not have to go to Apple.

    I have listened to your pod casts and I think you have alluded to as much re: Jobs/Apple.

    Wouldn’t making your life easier be worth it? Or not.


  • @Dan I really like Apple – I watched the keynote today and I own an Iphone that I love! I realize that 42% of the visitors to this site use a Mac, so when I create videos on Vegas the number of views I get always drop in half.

    To be honest I am too lazy to learn a new computer OS inside and out.

  • Hi Dave! I follow your blog from the first day that I bought the t2i,about a month after you, so we discover the things about the same time, that vegas problem also happened to me, and also switch to premiere because I got tired of that problem and others who had.
    I Hear that the cs5 has more compatibility with h264 files of the canon, and is doing a good job so far. Greetings from Argentina, see you, Bye!


  • @Felipe I have an ATI Radeon HD 5450 which is a low-budget graphics card ($50). I got a cheaper card because I was of the understanding that Vegas don’t take advantage of the graphics card CPU at all. I am I wrong on this one?

    @Juan, how has the switch to Premiere been, I have tried it and found it much harder to do simple tasks compared to Vegas.

  • If you’re running vista or windows 7, you may need to do some tweaking to stop some of the processes going, when I was on vista I did that and I only had 2gb of ram and a core duo processor and it worked fine.

  • Its probably worth looking at Premiere, the interface is very similar to FCP (Obviously they have their differences, but things are often around the same place), so if you ever do switch over then you’ll also have a head start in using FCP. And with built-in DSLR support for files, I’ve never had any problems, I can edit it just like my old footage from tape.

  • First I was upset because it did not work in real time as vegas but when I started filming at 24 frames it worked wonderfully and almost in real time. Also with premiere you can use the Magic Bullet Looks plugin, that with the t2i picture style brightness and contrast at the minimum value, make the videos finish very film like.


  • I’ve had similar problems with Vegas. I find that Epic helps alot in dealing with h.264 files. Vegas 6 never crashed on me. Since moving to Vegas 9 (and using .mov/h.264 files) Vegas crashes several times every use. Makes me want to switch to Adobe….

  • Dave
    My previous card was a MSI 512 cheaper card and that is when I had those problems
    Now Vegas is doing just great, not only that adding a creative sound card, performance
    improved, Sound take resources also.

  • I’ll second the nod for Premiere. I use CS5, which is 64 bit, on Windows 7 (64 bit version) and have no issues with T2i footage, sans transcoding. And it’s frequently on the same timeline as footage from my XH-A1. CS5 with the new Mercury engine rocks!

  • @Dave, Nothing special as far as video card. It was an $80 Gigabyte and the computer is a home built system. Here’s the general list, not to be considered as an endorsement for these items:

    * 1 x GIGABYTE GV-R467ZL-1GI Radeon HD 4670 1GB 128-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card
    * 1 x ASUS P5Q-E LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard
    * Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 Yorkfield 2.83GHz LGA 775 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX80569Q9550
    * 2 x Kingston HyperX 4GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 Desktop Memory Model

    With this modest build, CS5 Production Premium works really well.

  • Interesting to see your experience with Vegas, Dave.
    I disable resample on all clips too. How did you find out about that? just curious, mate.


  • Dave,
    I don’t know if you remember but I wrote to you about a similar problem that I found a fix to (Sony support were polite but never provided a fix). I was using Movie Studio Platinum not the real Pro version but this fix worked: http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/forums/ShowMessage.asp?ForumID=12&MessageID=697124 I was having horrible issues both on Win 7 and Vista 64 until I implemented this fix.

    It involves telling your OS specific executables are allowed to use more than the default memory – I used the same trick on PSE which was having problems assembling 2+ files into a panorama, again because of memory.

    The video card debate is not your issue I don’t think. As far as I know Vegas does not use the GPU to render but uses CPU.

    Hope this helps – Martin

  • “so is that Radeon HD 4670 an ‘approved card’ that works with the Adobe CS5 mercury engine?”

    @ Dave, Absolutely no idea. You mean compatibility matters? LOL!

    All I know is that I have three hours of documetary footage (50% T2i and 50% XH-A1), with some of it color corrected and then graded with a Red Giant plug-in, and it’s working just fine. Render times on this box are about 2:1. I have a $9000 Mac at work, and it does perform better. Render times are 1:1, and that’s pretty awesome. Of course, that Mac cost about $7500 more than my home machine.

  • @Martin Thanks for pointing out that thread. I downloaded the CFF Explorer and went through all the files and all the “app can handle >2gb address space” were already checked. I even looked at the FileIOSurrogate.exe and it was already checked. Bummer that would have been great if it fixed it.

  • Hi,
    Sony messed up converting 32bits to 64. I tried same thing on 32bits and it’s work.

    I dont think that the problem is with video card (i prefer geforce instead radeon for vegas, i used radeon on vegas 6.0 and i had “memmory problem” during preview), its not a problem with power supply also, because during rendering when the all cores works, everythink is ok, no freeze up etc,.
    What is configuration of your RAM? speed, channels, slots? maybe different manufacture, all should be the same.
    I wanna see Sony respond. Im sure its gonna be stiupid answer, like “broken cord” :))

  • Come on Dave

    We’ve had this conversation before..

    Vegas is rubbish. it is for 12 year old girls, to make movies, shot with their mobile phones.
    You have Adobe, use Adobe.
    You should be flogged every time you say the words “Sony Vegas”.


  • Hi Dave,

    This is an issue I’ve had before, including after transcoding with Neoscene. It is hit or miss. I’ve found that bringing the preview quality up from Draft to Good sometimes reveals the missing black holes. Keeping the footage on a fast drive I think is essential.

    Sony must be aware of these limitations, hopefully a Vegas “10” perhaps will address issues with AVCHD, .MOV, and H.264 files.

    That said. As a Final Cut Pro editor on a high spec Mac for work and former Adobe Premiere user, I always return to Vegas for my personal projects as I find it generally highly stable and much faster and intuitive workflow than anything else out on the market presently. I think it is great program I hope Sony sticks by it and sticks by you and issues with it. It would be a shame for them to lose a great ambassador such as yourself!

  • Hi Dave,
    I like your blog because you are not pretending to know everything. It is kind refreshing. However I would suggest to not use sentence like “I am too lazy to learn…”. This is kind of turn of. If learning mac would increase your productivity make you happier and not pull your hair off. I would highly suggest you do that. You’re clearly not lazy to run this blog and such. Anyway keep up the good work and thanks for your efforts.

  • “@Martin Thanks for pointing out that thread. I downloaded the CFF Explorer and went through all the files and all the “app can handle >2gb address space” were already checked. I even looked at the FileIOSurrogate.exe and it was already checked. Bummer that would have been great if it fixed it.”

    Reminder, you need to have the /3GB switch set in the Boot.ini for this to work. I’m using this hackaround and is the only way I can render anything approaching a hi-res file with VMS, regardless of the source format.

  • Man, that has to be extremely frustrate’n for your main NLE to be crap’n out on you like that. Maybe you should jump to PPCS5 though. I made the switch to PPCS5 from iMovie and it handles Canon’s H.264/MOV DSLR files natively. To speed up the learn’n process I learn’d PPCS5 from Lynda’s train’n videos, but you already have NLE experience. Give it a shot…

  • Dave,

    Good point, thought about the OS version that after I posted. I’m still on 32-bit XP so that’s what I needed to do. As previously mentioned each OS has a different process to get around the 2gb limitation. It was a game changer for me, hope you can get things working.

  • Dave,

    I am getting ready to purchase a new HP 350T with 10GB memory and 2TB hard drive.
    I am currently running VEGAS PRO 8.

    I own the REBEL T2i as well.

    Should I just stay with VEGAS PRO 8 since 64bit doesn’t really work?

    I have had no probelms other than really long render times…..due to my 5 year old computer.

  • Dave
    I use the two programs , Vegas for long Projects, Premiere for shorter projects, because
    Vegas is faster. I love them both , the two are great, and Premiere is the industry standar.
    Vegas just as good. Not big deal to learn , once you know one the other could be learned in one
    week with a Lynda tutorial

  • Dave, I am an expert on computer hardware design. The problem is with the video card and or the memory. Video cards are many times a different brand other than the motherboard. Should use the same brand, then it will work better. For example the best is evga combo x58 motherboard with evga video card. Many graphic designers are now using the evga Geforce 460. Also memory needs to be high quality matched sets. Best is Corsair. Many other brands don’t work in a application like yours. Many manufactures use low quality memory. (unmatched component memory). It is not matched. Every module must be idential and matached. Also the memory must be setup correctly in the bios or it work properly also. The video card must also be tweaked to your needs. I design high quality computers for market technicians, designers and artists.

  • HP Desktop i7-930 2.8GHz 12gig of RAM
    ATI Radeon HD 5450 graphics card

    HP Desktop may have mismatched component RAM memory.

    ATI Radeon cards have serious software compatibilities. It is not matched to the HP motherboard. Not your fault. It is HP’s fault. Should use a Nvidia card which are more compatible with intensive computer graphics.Notice Adobe has coded its software to work with Nividia graphic chipsets.

    Best combination is to have an perfect match between manufactures motherboard and video card.
    We use only evga perfect matches. Then we know there is 100% compatibility.

  • Dave, please don’t listen to the Mac zombies telling you to come over to their side. Final Cut was a great program awhile ago but its on its way out since Apple is clearly putting all of their R&D into iPhones and iPads (sorry Mac-heads… don’t shoot the messenger, complain to Mr. Jobs). When FCP can do real time NATIVE HD editing (without transcoding it to their format) I might reconsider my statement. For now Premiere CS5 is the only and best way to edit your Canon footage… if you have an Nvida video card. Adobe just released an update last week so now the reasonably priced GTX-470 can access the Mercury engine (it could before but you had to perform a hack). You’ll want to double check to make sure the card will fit in your PC and that your power supply is big enough (750 watts should be good). Make the switch and you’ll be in pure HD editing heaven… with all your hairs in place!

  • Same shit on Windows 7 64-bit with either Vegas 8.0c (32-bit) or 8.1 (64-bit). Works fine with AVCHD files or with M2TS files from HDV camcorder, but shows these green boxes for MPEG-2 720p generated by Procoder 3. It shows all clips fine the first time, then when you scroll over your project, it starts showing green boxes. In the timeline green-boxed clips play fine, but sometimes the boxes turn red and then this is finita – the clip is shown black in preview, no content. This is not a video card. Something wrong with Vegas and 64-bit systems.

  • None of my Canon EOS Rebel T2i video files loaded and rendered to AVC have been crashed.. everything works fine, so i guess you got some codec issue

  • I bought NEO ($129) from Cineform to solve my issue, just have to wait for files to convert – but Vegas is zippy using cineform codecs.

  • I came across your thread here because I’m having the same issue with Vegas Pro with files from my T2i. Still trying to resolve the issue…

    I agree wholeheartedly with Scott – don’t listen to the Jobs worshiping zombies. I used to edit for Cartoon Network. I had to do my work in FCP on an (at the time) top of the line, pimped out dual processor Mac G5. Don’t believe the mac heads when they proclaim their O/S to be bulletproof and infallible…. that Macs never crash… that “it just works”… bla bla bla. That $6,000 mac would kernel panic (the mac equivalent of the BSOD) at LEAST once a week while I was rendering. Furthermore, I found the OS/X operating system more difficult to navigate (WHERE exactly is that file?) and less intuitive than a Windows system.

    I’ve been editing for over 20 years. I’ve been working on NLE systems for over a decade. I’m adept in Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas and of course FCP. Don’t listen to these dolts when they tell you Vegas is rubbish either. I’ll be willing to bet they haven’t ever worked with Vegas, or are basing their opinions on experience with much earlier versions of the software. We’re talking about SONY here. Sony doesn’t make crap products. Vegas is just as capable for pretty much anything you’re going to do in video as FCP or Premiere. Its also a hell of a lot lighter on system resources than Premiere. I can run it on my laptop, which is a BIG plus for me as I travel full-time and can’t set up a studio with a desktop workstation.

    As for the Mac heads, they found something that works (probably when the offerings on Windows were substandard) and stuck with it. Good for them. But for them to sit here and say that Windows is incapable as a platform for editing? Well, thats just pure anti-Microsoft bias, and Apple fanboi talk. You know full-well Windows (and Vegas) are quite capable of doing the job, or you wouldn’t be using them.

  • +1
    I’m with Patrick on this one….

    The sell for me was the workflow… Red White Panic (vimeo search) edited using Vegas Pro was the confirmation… at this point, I don’t mind dabbling in other NLE’s but I’ll stick with Vegas Pro as my primary.

  • Disappointing!

    I have been a fan of Vegas since version 3.0. Before Pro9 version, everything went fine even when working with 720p (w/ once free Cineform codec). Maybe the problems started with MP4/AVC HD formats. Not using GPU power has made Vegas a flexible software. Realtime preview ability was awesome and was quite rare on other softwares when I first started using it. But we all know that MP4 (as many advance devices are adapting this format) is eating lots of CPU power, so I think it’s why Vegas Pro9 is facing more and more challenges. Once the advantage is now its failure.

    I can almost assure you guys that there isn’t a FIX to current problems because I have presented these 32bit/ 64bit/ rendering/ out of memory/ blue screen issues to Vegas guys 4 months ago……..Just no solution returned!

  • Hey nice videos it helps out a lot. but i am having this problem with importing MOV. files to sony vegas pro 9. when ever i import it, it has the audio and everything but it doesn’t show the video. all it does is show a black image, thumbnail, preview screen, on the time line also. is there any possible way to fix this problem?

  • Dave,

    First, thanks for such an amazing blog, with videos. They are really helping me progress in the world of digital video.

    I am having the green preview issue in Vegas, which is also making my clips jumpy when rendered. I believe it is a corruption issue with the project file, but I am not sure how to follow the instructions you gave: “If you get green clips coming in, select all clips and bring them in to a new project file because the old one is corrupt.”

    Can you elaborate? I tried to copy all the tracks, then paste them into a new project, but when I closed the original project file, “Paste” was not an option.

    Thanks again for all of your help!