Which way to go for time lapses?

If you are wondering if you should buy the Sony Time Lapse app for $10 or buy a remote timer for time lapses like the Vello RC-S211 which works on the Sony cameras like the Sony a7Rii , Sony a7Sii , Sony a7S, this comparison video should help you out.

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  • i checked the B&H page. it shows compatability with the a77 but not the a99. is that true? i thought they had much the same mechanics.

  • Hi Dave, with the remote can you use the Electronic Shutter only? It would be great to save the mechanical shutter’s life 🙂 Also I’ve used the Timelapse app a lot and what I love the most is the flicker free results from it. With Canon I had to either do the lens twist trick, or shoot wide open to avoid flickers. So my question is, how does the Sony behave with regards to flickering when using the remote? I would also assume that using the Electronic Shutter only would result in flicker free timelapse?

    Thanks again for all your videos!

  • Don’t know about Sony, specifically, but most apps like this give you an infinite number of shots if you set it at zero.

  • Wondered if you were able to get this sony app using an Apple computer I seem to be in a continual loop with it’s playhome downloader?

    A quick note for your video in regards to bracketing shooting and camera shake: With the a7r2 on tab 2 of the camera icon under Bracket settings I’m able to set a 2sec delay. If this says anything it’s how convoluted Sony’s menus/software is designed.

    Finally always appreciate your helpful videos thanks