Here is my setup using a reflector for my first interview for my solar site.

Canon T2i has been discontinued, replacement is the Canon T6i: B&H | Amazon

When learning a new camera I like to use natural light as much as possible. So in  this video I am using a reflector to bounce light at the person I am interviewing.

See my first interview done with the T2i on my SolarDave site.

Matt S on Vimeo was nice enough to answer two of my questions in the video:

Keep pressing the DISP button until you see the movie-recording size. Before you start recording, right next to it will be total remaining recording time on your memory card. When you start recording, the time will change to elapsed time.

For the mic stand, this 5/8 inch to 3/8 inch adapter should do it:

Had to buy one for my stand to fit the shock mount for my NTG-2.