Series of questions I asked at the NAB booth.

In this video I describe the answer to the water resistant question that does not appear to be published anywhere by Canon.

Basically for the 5D series if you can’t stand the rain either can your Canon 5D. If it is a rebel don’t take it out in any rain or snow.

Snow video shoot

Camera weather sealing hat trick

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5D Mark3
5D Mark III


  • Struggling to find an improvement for the focus ring on the canon 50mm 1.8, it looks like you have something much better on yours? Any tips you can help me with? i bought it primarily for video, don’t really want to go all out on a follow focus, and the jar opener trick will not work.


    but tbh, there are also really cheap small follow focus rings on the market that will fit the ridicilous miniature size focus ring of the 50mm 1.8 II, the above solution does give problems if you are going to put a Fader ND on with extender ring, then the cheap follow focus will win. brands like Foton and Sunwayfoto have cheap ones. i just got the FocusMaker and that one is really amazing. really well thougt put together

  • I have had my 550D/T2i out in pretty bad conditions, and never experienced any kind of issues with it due to the weather. For instance, at this football game where it was just pouring down.
    When I got back home I dried of the camera a bit and let it be until it got fully dry before I used it again.
    I was using the Canon 100mm Macro (non-L) lens with a lens hood, to keep the rain from hitting the front element.

  • I am using my Canon T2i(550D) for almost 3 years now. Used it in almost every type of environment. Rainy season, Waterfalls, Hot Dry Jungles, Windy beaches (sand flows in), Freezing mountain treks with snow/drizzle. Not used Underwater yet 😉
    But, to say some final thoughts the DSLR camera bodies even for mid-segment cameras are built up pretty well & sturdy to go along for years of use.
    Thanks DAVE for having this as a discussion point. It really helps to share some safety tips for using camera in better way.

  • That explains quite a bit. I was hit with a sudden thunderstorm last Summer covering a political event. It was so sudden, they had all the media and crowd outdoors, without any cover. The rain started, I packed audio first then my full sized video camera, by the time I got to the T3i it had been drenched. Placed it upside down on a towel to dry, took the battery out and did not turn it on until the next day. Everything worked, still very happy about it even today. Glad they have this feature. I did lose about $1k for the day in work, but it sure was good to still have my camera. Thanks for the insight Dave.

  • Last year I went on a pilgrimage from St Paul’s London to Canterbury. We had a bunch of really lovely filmmakers along who were shooting a doc. One person use her 550D almost constantly and kept it in a fairly dinky DSLR rain cover. But after 5 days of rain she bricked it. So I reckon your advice on the cheaper cameras ought to be heeded.

  • I’ve taken out the 5D3 in all kinds of rainy/dusty conditions as I live in Hawaii…from hiking trails with occasional downpours to shooting north shore surf with heavy salt water spray…seems okay so far!

  • Had my MK II out in medium rain for 3 hours and it stopped working properly for about 2 days. Dried it out in an airing cupboard and it’s been fine ever since. Beware.

    On another note, I’m about to buy a 6D but can’t wait for your review so just wondering if your verdict is a big ‘NO’ or a ‘YES, BUT’. From what I’ve read, the main drawback for video is the moire but lots of plus points. Thanks

  • Dave,

    I know that the 7D is much more “water proof” than the 5d Mark II, even though the Mark II costs more. That said, Canon did make the Mark III much more water proof than the MKII (and more like the 7D).
    However, you’re not likely to see me leave my MKIII out in the rain anytime soon.

    Keep up the good work, I always enjoy your videos! I envy the amount of time you are able to spend shooting video, etc.