Sharing what I have learned

Let me show you a video I did recently, I went to Laramie Wyoming and shot a volleyball highlight reel video for the varsity volleyball team, they showed it at their season ending banquet and from what I hear they really like it.

I had a ton of volleyball footage and thought I could use it as broll along with an interview. So I asked my sister-in-law if she wanted to sit down for 30 minutes and talk about volleyball, I didn’t have any questions in mind, it was just us talking. I then cut that down to less than 3 minute piece.

Things I learned shooting with the Sony a7s:

  • I loved 1080 60fps! Yes it does have some aliasing you can see in the bricks but it is so much better having that resolution compared to my old Canon cameras at 60fps 720.
  • I loved shooting in APS-C crop mode with my Canon 70-200mm.
  • Colors are challenging! For the interview which I did not light at all, it took some grading to make it look better, Canon has better colors. I shot this in the natural profile and not s-log. I am finding when I use s-log I really need a color chart to get the best colors I can.
  • Battery life is not great, but for every shoot I have been on having two fresh batteries for me does the job.
  • Getting a shallow DOF is easy on a FF camera.
  • I tried using the GH4 as well, but I liked the a7S better because of the lower light levels in a HS gym.
  • I use both the GH4 and a7S, I use the GH4 a little bit more, but mostly in situations where the ISO doesn’t not go above 800.

There are stories everywhere, if you are traveling on this Thanksgiving holiday, take you camera and find a story, just sit down with someone for 30 minutes and record them.

LX100 review coming.

GH4 is on sale this week for $200 off!


  • How many cameras did you use for each game? Was it just one? Because it looks like you have a couple different angles for a few of the shots.
    Thanks for the video.

  • Nice video Dave, I like it when you summarise your learning with a video you produced.

    I’m looking to get the LX-100 soon, so looking forward to your review! I would really like to know +/- from a usability standpoint as well as how the built-in stabilisation works for video.

    In your GH4 course, are you going to have any bits on post processing and colour? I guess a lot of the Panasonic GH4 course could carry over to the LX-100?

  • Cool Video. What about manual focus with the A7S ? Does it have focus peaking ? Is it practical to use with Canon lenses ?

  • Great job, Dave! I just wonder, if you have had a chance to choose lenses now for this combination A7s and GH4 what would you choose …