My second video on white balancing, this is the easiest way.

Canon T2i has been discontinued, replacement is the Canon T6i: B&H | Amazon

Easy way to white balance your T2i 550D if you have a computer nearby.

Custom white balance on the camera is time consuming because of all the steps and screens you have to navigate. This way is very quick.

It’s a pre-production WB, I am pretty sure this can’t be done in post with the EOS Utility software.


  • Hi Dave, I’m just like you; Newbie in SLR video. Been trying for a week to get something even half as good as what I see on Vimeo. I’m not even close! I want to thank you for making these clips because they’re very helpful.

    Two weeks ago you mention your frustrations to get the desired results compared to your camcorder. I was wondering whether you managed to achieve them or even surpassed them.


  • Hi Peter,

    I’m glad you are finding it helpful. I try to shoot at least one video each day and learn something new. After I figured out how to focus quickly and practice on my fast moving kids I am feeling less frustrated. I am also getting much faster at setting the exposure.

    I think I am ready for an IS lens next since all my handheld shots are way too shaky! I am not ready yet to start a project with it, but I am getting closer.