GoPro Killer?

Pricing on the Yi 4K Action Cam

Pricing on the GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition


  1. Both use the same processor but the Yi has the latest version
  2. Both use the same Sony sensor but the Yi has the latest version
  3. Both use what looks to be the same lens
  4. Both are about the same size
  5. Both seems to have the same dynamic range however they seem to meter the light differently


  1. Yi is about half the cost!
  2. Yi has a bigger battery that last longer
  3. Yi has a wonderful touch display that is easy to use
  4. Yi has Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
  5. Yi has in camera lens distortion correction
  6. Yi has less saturation
  7. Yi is less sharpness for video, I think this has to do with the processing and not the lens
  8. Yi is sharper when doing timelapses
  9. Yi is warmer image while the GoPro seems so go a bit to green
  10. Yi does not expose the image as well as the GoPro, I think the GoPro has a more intelligent metering system, priority is in the clouds.
  11. Yi when using EIS at 1080 60fps it crops too much
  12. Yi might have an edge on the GoPro in terms of noise at 1600

Yi Conclusion

  1. I really like the touch screen, this might be a reason alone to buy it over the GoPro
  2. I really like the longer battery life
  3. I like having the EIS but not at the cost of cropping
  4. I like the idea of the lens correction but not sure if I would use it much
  5. I don’t like how warm it is
  6. I don’t like how it lets the clouds blow out early
  7. If you don’t own a GoPro for 1/2 the cost the Yi is a great deal
  8. I’m going to wait for the GoPro announcement which is coming up on the 19th, and I want to look at the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera and others that have come out before I do anything.


  • Dave – What about the case and mounting accessories? Can you use the GoPro stuff with this… including the case? Is the form and lens location the same? I have a bunch of accessories but it would be nice to have another camera… or two!

  • Dear Dave!

    As i can see nowdays you are shifting to easy to use gadgets like RX100 with default settings, and GoPro with default settings.

    I think you should try the true potential of the GoPro with the following settings:

    4K 24/25/30p
    Protune On
    WB: Native
    ISO limit: 400
    Shutter: Auto (ND filter on Action cam? Naah.. otherwise 1/96 for 24p is nice. 1/48 somehow dont look right, maybe on gimbal)
    Exp compensation: -0,5 EV
    Sharpness: Low

    I know you are working with Resolve/Premiere, but this time you should use GoPro Studio for first step (Yep, that’s far more complex workflow than it should be with a 1 (2?) button camera)

    Native WB + Flat color have a standardised look. GoPro Studio have a color matrix to work with this “raw” image. You can shift the whitebalance almost like it’s raw.
    After WB correction you can grade the transcoded 12bit Cineform files in Resolve.You dont get the same result if you grade the original files in Premiere/Resolve, that’s why GoPro Studio required for first step.

    The image with this settings is far beyond what Yi or any other camera can offer. Of course only 1% of the Action cam users will do this workflow. But you should try it 🙂
    For quick look what can Hero give you check my test clip:

    ps: i like your reviews and im glad to see you started blogging more often again!

  • … and the most important thing: you have to change the lens and use the 60 degree MP 10 which is without any distortion and ultra sharp.