My new favorite

Pricing on Zhiyun Crane Stabilizer

I thought the Pilotfly H2 was good, but this one is my new favorite gimbal.

  1. No BaseCam software to mess with for hours, it works great of the box for both my Sony a7Rii and the Sony 10-18mm lens, as well as the a6500 with the Sony 10-18mm lens without changing the software!
  2. Use inverted mode without having to turn it off, invert, then back on again.
  3. When you spin fast and the horizon stays steady
  4. Great build quality
  5. You can swap out batteries
  6. The app works great and is really fast to connect

If you need more info this video has more details.

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  • Dave if you have the Sony 18-105 electronic zoom lens you can hook the a6500 to the Crane and use the Crane controls to zoom and turn on and off the video. No need to touch the camera or lens. This seams like an unknown fact on all the videos I have watched.

  • Bought and returned two other gimbals before buying the Zhiyun Crane. It was trivially easy to balance and works great with my GH4 / 7-14mm combo. Very quick setup when on-site. Totally quiet and stable.

  • This is great, I bought the PilotFly FunnyGo back in 2015, had so many problems with it and so little support from PilotFly I ended up throwing it away. This gives me a lot of hope for gimbals! Price point seems great as well! Did you buy it?

  • I have owned them all, from Nebula through the Pilot Fly, the Came TV and now the new Zhiyun with the extra weight capability. Using a Sony A7rii with a 10-18mm just like you first recommended. Every one of these devices exhibits jitter, or little hiccups in the video (almost like a drop out). None of the stabilizer plug ins for FCPX can get rid of this aberration. Added to this drawback is camera battery replacement and access to the camera’s card. You have to remove the camera every time. I wish reviewers would mention these facts.