Which one should I buy?


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  • Nice comparison. I could swear you’re reading my mind. Did you mention you had the 18-105 on it?

  • I had a tough time choosing between the two as well… I almost went with the M thinking I would use it strictly as a gimbal for my a6300. After all – it seems the a6000/6300/6500 was made for these things !! But the little man on my shoulder kept asking “what if you want to fly your a7s on there?” I couldn’t shake the “what if’s” so I sprung for the regular crane. In all fairness – I also had a $60 off coupon code, so that made the decision a little more of a no-brainer. And at the time, the “M” was still over $500.

    So NOW – having owned it for a while… I’ve never put my a7s on there. The a6300 is just the perfect cam for it. I’d say anyone thinking the same thing would probably be well served with the M version. If there’s any thought you’d want to fly a heavier camera – or heavier lens…then certainly consider the regular version. But your testing seems to confirm this might be a slam dunk choice for you and many. Good luck!