Zoom H4N Review

Here is a quick review of the Zoom H4N that I have been playing around with for the past few weeks.


B&H was nice enough to loan me a Zoom H4N to review the past few weeks. I have used it quite a bit for voice over work mostly like as I demo in the video below.

After reading through the manual I was amazed all the things this little device can do. Most of the features I’m sure I would never use, but it is cool to know its there.

I hate adding extra steps in my work flow so I only used it a few times to sync up with my DSLR video clips.

I am thinking of getting the Zoom H1 soon, and using it with a lav. I would put the Zoom H1 in my back pocket wire a lav to it and then listen to my audio with an ear piece while I am the talent located far away from the camera.

Disclaimer: If you buy from B&H photo from the links above I earn a small commission, but to let you know that doesn’t sway my opinion on this product.