I found something interesting while comparing the two cameras for my main review that I thought I would share before my review comes out.

I found something interesting while comparing the two cameras (Canon 5D Mark III and the Nikon D800) for my main review that I thought I would share before my review comes out.

Both cameras had the same settings, like 1/50th shutter speed. Both were set to the same frame rate of 24fps.

I noticed when punching in for a zoom on both cameras to get focus that the Nikon didn’t feel right to me, so I pointed at my ceiling fan and found some sort of frame rate or display refresh rate issue with the display on the back of the camera and on the monitor connected via HDMI.

This is a problem for me since I use the punch in feature a lot for focus, the Canon has such a nice image zoomed in but the Nikon feels very jittery and something can make it hard to get that critical focus. So in this test the clear winner is the Canon.

If it makes any difference the firmware I am running on the Nikon is A 1.00, B 1.00, C 1.004.

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5D Mark3
5D Mark III

Canon 5D Mark III

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Nikon D800


  • Wow Dave! Thanks for this. I use the punch in technique as well and this really reaffirms my choice to go with the 5DM3.

  • Very nice idea of how to check these two camera’s functionality. Thanks.. You win the creativity award.

  • Very interesting comparison and visible difference with the two cameras.

    Wondering why that would happen?
    A setting, the way it is…???

    Dave, would you please post an update
    if and when you find out?

    MANY thanks for your excellent

  • @Dave

    Did you have the HDMI output plugged in to the D800 the whole time while punching in?

    I would think that having to display the 1080p image on the secondary monitor (tv) while being punched in would be a strain on the processor.

    Love your site btw…great content and instruction as well as beautiful imagery.

  • Live View D800. I am finding that the exposure in in Live View is not the same as the final image – they are always over exposed. My Canon T2i is also right. Anyone else not getting what you see is what you get.

  • The only work around I found is if half depress the shutter – it then seems to show a somewhat correctly exposed image for a brief moment – although it feels unreliable. Also, the LCD Illumination must be set to “Off”… Separately, I would gladly pay for Rule of 2/3 grid over the current “graph paper” one.

  • Hey Dave,

    I’m working on a feature film, I’m using the 550d like your good self when you started this site.

    My budget is tighter than monkey’s proverbial, so I don’t really want to buy a new camera (and it’s only my first film)
    but I could stretch to one at a push. What do you think?

    You are testing the 5D III at the mo, is that on loan for testing? If so, when it goes back will you buy one or keep using your T2i ?

    Great site Dave, always enjoy getting your emails.


  • Hi Dave, I’m curious…is this just a live view issue or the same happens in the output video from the SD card?

  • My 800 was rented and now returned could someone try cover the view finder in live view and if it makes a difference in the exposures. I recall seeing something in the manual.

  • I have the same issue(stuttering)on a canon when i look through a viewfinder (without digital zooming). Any ideas why is that?

    Tnx in advance!