QT security issue solution?

If you uninstall QuickTime because of the recent security warning you will not be able to play or see ProRes files in Premiere Pro CC, also you will not be able to see XAVCS files in BM Resolve 12.5. My fix worked below worked for me.

This is what I did:

  1. Uninstalled QT
  2. Downloaded a new QT version form Apple’s site
  3. During install pick ‘Custom’
  4. I unpicked the ‘Player’ but kept the ‘Essentials’.
  5. Finished the install process.
  6. Opened up Resolve 12.5 and Premiere Pro CC and it played my files and rendered the just fine.

I am on Windows 10 if that makes any difference.

I am not a security expert, do this at your own risk, but it is my understanding talking with Adobe that the QT player (mostly in a browser) is your biggest security risk, the codecs are not the concern (at least at this moment).

When I was at NAB I also talked with Dave Helmly at Adobe and he said they are working on a solution very soon (that is all he could say). I hope it is a 64 bit solution!

If you have a better solution, let me know below.


  • I did this same thing, but with different results on different machines. One worked fine, the other gave an export error. I’m eager to see what brighter minds have to say about this solution.

  • there is a lot in between the codecs and the player. and exactly this part of the framework is usually used by other applications.

    it’s not possibly to estimate to which degree this layer is affected by the actual security warnings with refernce to the published warnings and vague descriptions of this issues. but it looks most unlikely to me, that only the GUI components (=QT player and plugin) are affected.

  • Thanks Dave! I am considering getting some sort of ProRes recorder (Atomos, BlackMagic) and this news threw me for a loop!

  • Yea Apple! Always helping their users. Word I heard is that Apple will no longer support Quicktime for Windows.

    Pretty typical for Apple: sucker you in with great promises, then drop you. We bought into Apples Server system because, well, Apple has committed to the system, right? Right? Apple lost interest and simply announced they’re no longer in the server business. See ya!

    I remember a huge banner at NAB not that many years ago: “QuickTime: It’s EVERYWHERE!” Yeah, right.

  • Just FYI. As long as you are not using the QuickTime player on browser you should be okay. And if you use QuickTime player completely you don’t have to uninstall it. This way you would avoid missing codecs for now. No need to go through this elaborate process that may not work 100%