I use one way more than the other

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Sony a7Rii vs Sony a7Sii, which one do I use the most?

I know I promised a Sony a7sii review a long time ago, already a lot of video comparisons between these two camera, but I have been using both for over 8 months now so I might have a different take on this and there is one camera I use more than the other, so I thought I would share.

I’m not going to guess what camera you should get based on your shooting style since I am sure most have already decided to own one of them by now.


  • Both have IBIS, both have the same weak but tiny battery, very similar color science (not the case for a7s original), both do not overheat now
  • a7rii has a back-illuminated structure sensor that can only go up to 25k ISO for video mode
  • The a7Rii works best in cropped mode for video, while the a7Sii works best in FF mode
  • a7Sii is better in low light, but that is only when you get crazy high ISO like over 12,800
  • But watch out when the a7s mark III comes out with the back-illuminated structure at 12mp that should be amazing!
  • a7sii has slog2 and 3, while the a7rii only have slog2
  • a7Sii has aliasing in full frame mode when shooting in 4k where as 1080/24p doesn’t have any aliasing
  • Slog2 starts at ISO 800 for the a7Rii while the a7Sii starts at ISO 1600
  • A7Rii has 42MP great for stills like landscapes, a7sii 12MP
  • a7Rii has much better AF-C since it has phase detection AF
  • a7Sii has slog assist
  • a7Sii you can shot for slow motion and playback in camera the slow motion, a7rii can’t
  • a7sii can shoot 120fps at 1080, the a7Rii 120fps at 720
  • a7rii you can shoot 4k in aps-c mode, the a7sii can’t
  • a7sii it is easier to shoot 4k wider than than the a7rii
  • both has bad rolling shutter
  • Since the a7sii works best in FF mode, you will get more shallow DOF for shots like interviews

I use Sony a7rii more for the following reasons:

I have created a Sony a7Rii course and a Sony a7Sii course, both I have pixel peeped a ton because these courses take months to make!

  1. When I don’t have control over the lighting and it’s a high dynamic scene I shoot in slog2, the other times I am using a more linear creative style like Standard, I typically over expose slog by about 2 stops, well guess what happens, most of the time when I am shooting in Standard creative style with the correct exposure and then switch over to slog, the ISO jumps to 800 and the exposure is right where I need it, two stops too bright. With the a7sii it jumps to 1600 or 3200 and then requires downward exposure change, if you don’t run and gun like I do this might not be a problem, but for me having to grab and ND filter when it jumps to 3200 is an issue.
  2. The a7Rii AF is better, I use the a7rii a lot on a gimbal with AF and it works a lot better than the a7sii
  3. I don’t have to worry about moire when shooting at 4k.
  4. When I am shooting stills I do enjoy having 42MP for portraits or landscapes
  5. I mostly never shoot above 12,800 ISO both cameras have about the same noise below that.
  6. For interviews I use the a7rii for my wide shot in 4k crop mode and the a7sii for my close up at 1080 full frame mode, the a7rii will give me a nice detailed wide shot while the a7sii will give me nice shallow DOF on the close up.